1. I wish to become a member of the FEDERATION OF AFRICAN STATES (“the Party").
  2. I am eligible to enroll for my country elections Yes / No (see footnote 1 for conditions). (Please Delete one of the sentences in 3a or 3b as applicable, and sentence 2 if you are not enrolled)
  3. a) EITHER I am not now a member of any other political Party and if I join any other Party in future I shall inform FEDERATION OF AFRICAN STATES PARTY,
            b) OR I am a member of the following Party
  1. I commit to comply with the Constitution, ByLaws, specially the “Charter of Membership”, the Manifesto and policy principles
  2. I consent to this Form being sent to my respective country Electoral Commission and/or State Electoral Authority in support of the Party’s registration (refer to footnote 2).
  3. I attach membership fee of equivalence to $ plus donation of $ Total is $
  4. I acknowledge that banking of my fee does not make me a member until the Board or its delegated officer formally approves my membership application, and that the Party may in its absolute discretion refuse my membership application and then refund my fee
  5. I declare that all the information I have given on this Form is true and complete , check this box to declare


  1. You are eligible to enroll to vote in elections if (a) you are over 16 years of age AND (b) you have lived at your present residential address for some period of time please verify with your country law on residence, AND (c) you are a citizen of your resident country, other countries allow individuals with certain permits to vote at different levels ,please verify with local FAS Secretariat for advise. Persons who are not on their Country Electoral Roll may be Party members, but cannot vote.
  2. This Form may be sent to relevant Electoral Commision to enable the Party to meet, or continue to meet, registration requirements. Your local Electoral Commission may contact you to confirm that you signed this Form. Because it is the mandate for Electoral Commissions to observe strict confidentiality, this Form will be used for no other purpose than that, and then it will be returned to the Party. If you do not want this Form to be sent to the AEC please delete sentence 5 above.

Supplementary Information for Application for Membership

FEDERATION OF AFRICAN STATES Party will store this Form in strict confidentiality to assist us to relate to your requirements and inputs. This part of the Form will not go to any Electoral Authority.

Self-improvement: Bearing in mind family and work commitments how much can you spend on being trained so as to better serve the Party and nation? (selectrelevant answers)
Residential Weekend Training Course (cost ~$350) zero/ once/ twice per year
An evening 2hr Workshop ($20) zero/ once per 3 month/ once per year
A Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday 3.5hr ($40) Seminar zero/ once/ twice per yr 7 Electoral Districts: In which electoral district is your principal place of residence? (if not known, write name of major town)
Do you wish your membership of the Party to be kept confidential? - similar to the way some persons’ addresses are not on the Electoral Roll (e.g. Judges). This means you will not be listed as a member of, nor be known to, any Branch, only to Head Office. You are a “member-at-large” and may vote at AGMs but not at Branch or Zone meetings. Yes / No .


  • To obey and uphold the Constitution and By-Laws of the Party
  • To be honest, open and fair
  • To stand up for the right of “freedom of speech” (with its attendant responsibility) in our society
  • To keep Africa African, i.e. to recognize the historic traditions and the unique African culture that have made this continent great and that make it a place that many others desire to come to; this means that we do not embrace multiculturalism which means downgrading our culture; we do welcome people from all countries to assimilate into our country while being free to celebrate, without taxpayer funding, their own background and culture which should not be forced upon us, our laws and our institutions
  • To recognize his or her individual moral accountability to take political and social actions for the benefit of fellow Africans and humanity in general
  • To endeavor to empower self and others around me to take our part in the civic duties and democratic life of our nation and of our Party
  • To be a doer rather than a hearer only – Within realistic limits of family relationships and work commitments, to not leave it up to somebody else to fix problems or meet needs, and in taking decisions in our Party we acknowledge that persons who have done work deserve their opinions to carry more weight than those who have only talked in theory
  • Within my individual capacity and aptitudes, to try to educate myself in aspects of politics, economics, ethics etc suitable to my current role and any prospective future role
  • To listen respectfully to the opinions of other members and promote orderly debate in Party forums
  • To sort out any problems “in-the-family” i.e. within the Party through the Constitution and its related procedures, and to not question or criticize a fellow member in the media, to not put the Party to shame publicly etc
To be held accountable to Party members for their trust and stewardship
  • To be held accountable to Party members for their trust and stewardship
  • To place Africa’s Unity interest above the Chapter interest
  • To place the Party’s interests above their own self-interest
  • To advise a Board member of any conflict of interest or circumstance (such as being out of one’s depth) that could adversely affect the Party’s public image or internal functioning
  • To acknowledge that all Party records are the property of the Party and are to be handed over promptly when one’s position of leadership finishes
  • To delegate to the maximum extent possible
  • To provide helpful guidance to assist those to whom delegations are given
  • To support, train and motivate fellow members without partiality
  • To carry out ongoing lifestyle audit in order to curb corrupt tendencies
  • To be available for 80% of all official Party Meeting whether virtual or in person