About Us

About us

Federation Of African States Grand Continental Party is a political body that has affiliates political parties in all African States. It thrives to set a political order across Africa for the well-being of Africans. The political system of today is a prison for the people and thus FAS works to set up a new foundation for a nation with true freedom and stress-free life. One nation under the name Federation Of Africa. Federation Of Africa shall be a nation of equality, total pride of the black race and no longer regard itself as an inferior race, a  nation against capitalism for a few eat up the share of the majority, a nation that retains family unity due to reduction of divorce cases and violence against all partners either male or female, maximum production of food due to a combined effort of all states and also realising fertile nations like the DRC, one market place and a joint export, advanced technology in all industries leading to very low imports, a health system that promotes the use of natural medicines than scientifically made, a health system that treats and heals all kinds of diseases not a business health system that makes it’s patients cash cows were it milks patient’s savings and salary.



  • Unity: amongst all Africans nurtured from family values of Africa and transcending to love of Africa as a land and all it’s indigenous people regardless

  • Transparency: As an organization transparency is the epitome of our existence ,as we believe in equality only transparency will make us achieve our goals.

  • Respect: We choose to respect each other first as a people and nation to nation no matter how great or small
  • Fairness: In order to live to our philosophy and to achieve our goals we need to have the culture of fairness in all our endeavors



A collective Movement of African people

  • From a state of low esteem to Pride

  • From servanthood to Masters

  • From disunity to unity