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Wars have been fought, men and women fighting to liberate Africa. Great Afrocentric comrades rose with solemn desires to free the motherland from parasites and exploitation but unfortunately the majority were silenced and others butchered to silence the voice of emancipation.

Pan Africanism tried and is still trying at its best to awaken and strengthen children of the soil but the yoke of slavery and neo colonisation is fastened tightly on our necks. The youth have been deceived and have completely fallen in love with their arch enemy for they have all been subjected to the enemies program and the system is now rooted in the minds of both the young and the old.

Family unity is gradually disappearing and unity amongst Africans is vanishing as it is part of the program. Africans needs to be united as early as possible for if united we can stand against all possible threats. Thus the Federation Of African States Org thrives to unite Africa into one government system for its defence and prosperity of all Africans irregardless of class and background

About us

About us

Federation Of African States Grand Continental Party is a political body that has affiliates political parties in all African States. It thrives to set a political order across Africa for the well-being of Africans. The political system of today is a prison for the people and thus FAS works to set up a new foundation for a nation with true freedom and stress-free life…..